L’Arche Edmonton is one part of an International Federation of 131 communities worldwide, made up of individuals deeply committed to sharing life in community and to finding the unique gifts each one of us has to offer.


Our Mission is………
♥ to make known the gifts of people with developmental disabilities revealed through mutually transforming relationships
♥ to engage in our diverse cultures, working together to build a more human society
♥ to foster an environment in communities that is inspired by the core values of our founding story, and responds to the changing needs of our members.

Mandate 2012-2016

Individually and together, with God’s help, we are called to:
  1. Personal, spiritual and professional growth and development:
    • ● Deepen our self-awareness and relationships with one another.
    • ● Grow in our spiritual life.
    • ● Discover how we are called to serve and lead.
    • ● Use our gifts through meaningful work.
    • ● Develop our professional competence.
  2. Deepen the quality of community life:
    • ● Respond to the changing needs of members.
    • ● Celebrate and engage in our traditions.
    • ● Understand the call of our founding stories.
    • ● Continue to grow in formation, accompaniment and membership.
    • ● Improve openness and transparency.
    • ● Take individual responsibility to bridge different groups.
  3. Develop and steward our resources:
    • ● Identify and plan for the resource needs of the community(e.g. people, funding, community centre, day programs, homes that we can easily live in and visit).
    • ● Ensure financial stability.
  4. Build and maintain networks
    • ● Stay connected to and expand our circle of friends.
    • ● Announce L’Arche to the broader community.
    • ● Find new ways to reach out to people beyond our community.


As a community we are all responsible and accountable to fulfill this mandate.