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We encourage you grow in relationship and join the L’Arche Edmonton community as a volunteer. We are more than willing to find an activity that fits your needs, and your schedule.

The opportunities are limited only by the imagination of our volunteers and teams! In our homes a volunteer might simply go out for a coffee or a walk with someone, help cook a meal, go swimming, or make crafts. Perhaps you have a unique talent or expertise you can share with our community’s Day Program. In whichever way you feel inclined to get involved, we welcome you!

All volunteers complete a volunteer application form and are required to complete a background check. Before being assigned to a particular home / program, we will meet with you to find out your interests and give you a brief orientation to L’Arche.

L’Arche Edmonton is currently looking for volunteers to offer their services in the following areas:

  •    Someone who can speak Vietnamese and English to help with translation
  •    Music therapy
  •    Art therapy
  •    Exercise/Yoga for seniors
  •    Pet therapy
  •    Individual companionship

We invite you to contact us to discuss possible volunteer opportunities.

Work with Us

People who have a developmental disability are important to our society. They call us very clearly to become more human, more authentic and open.They carry a message of peace for us all.

Our goal is to create a community life in a welcoming family-like setting. Here, people coming from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures live an enriching experience together centered around those who have a developmental disability.

If you are interested in becoming an assistant with L’Arche Edmonton contact us today.